N4V is an interdisciplinary network that builds visions for social innovation. It is promoted by IMAGIS Lab), Design Department, Politecnico di Milano. N4V wants to relate realities that are working with images and narratives and that, through their activities, are trying to contribute to social innovation.

N4V is a meeting table to share knowledge and experience acquired over the years by the individual participants and groups. We want to make different fields of actions come together: from the audio-visual production to marketing, from engineering to digital arts, from city planning to psychology to social sciences. N4V is a meeting table between these realities, to share their knowledge and experience acquired over the years. Each participant has a chance to make the other members try his own tools, techniques and processes of construction of images and narratives. These moments give rise to common thoughts and ideas and develop alternative and cross-disciplinary practices.

N4V wants to build a trans-disciplinary network and define a theoretical and methodological framework, a common approach funded on the production of images and visions for supporting research and collaboration processes at the urban scale with a social innovation perspective.

N4V was born in 2015 as a one year research project funded by Design Department of Politecnico di Milano. Much of the work of sharing of ideas and experiences are developed remotely and are coordinated by IMAGIS Lab. We had actual meetings between all the participants and workshops. On these occasions we had the opportunity to invite some experts that helped us to develop our themes and tools, suggesting techniques, visions and perspectives useful to everyone. We interviewed them and you can find their insightful contributions in the “video” section of this website.

N4V have produced some concrete results, communicating its own path through conferences, scientific papers and dissemination moments. We are building more complex and synergic relationships, working together on projects and funding proposals dealing with education, community engagement and social inclusion through audiovisual storytelling, game for social change and performative arts.